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About Us

Michael Stellhorn is the owner and operator of Tampa Wash Pros and services the Greater Tampa Bay area.  With six years of experience and knowledge working with homeowners and commercial property managers, he knows what it takes to provide five-star service.

For the last six years, he has been cleaning the exterior of homes throughout New England.  In 2020 after getting married to his high school sweetheart they decided to move back to there home town in Tampa, FL.  With the plan of spending the rest, of there lives under the Florida sunshine, they thought it was a great time to live the American Dream and start there own business.  
With a focus on the homeowner, we work towards building relationships as opposed to working to complete a job.  Our approach is to share our knowledge to help homeowners restore their property to its best condition. Given the humid weather and 24-hour exposure to our outdoor surfaces, we know first hand how much of a battle it can be to keep our property looking beautiful.

With the lessons learned from working with one of the largest pressure washing companies in New England he knows what it takes to clean every surface and material on the exterior of your home. With the rich history surrounding Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut we're trained in cleaning and maintaining homes that are over 100 years old and know the techniques to clean the most delicate surfaces.

By continuing to invest in our business we always use industry leading equipment and leverage that with our knowledge to provide you a five star experience.  When using the right tools for the job we're able to achieve the best results possible for your home.

So if your home has seen better days then it's time to give us a call and let Tampa Wash Professionals transform your property back to it's best condition.  Browse through our gallery and see for yourself the results were able to achieve.

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