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Tampa Deck Sealing and Painting

Sealing your Deck will Extend its Life

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Soft Wash

Deck or Dock Restoration

Wood is one of the most durable building materials and does a great job of standing up to the elements.  Throughout the year it's expanding and contracting during the seasons and eventually minor repairs need to made.  We're capable of replacing rotten boards, railings, or sanding down splitered cracks.  To extend the life of your structures we always recommend painting or sealing.

1. Licensed and insured with experienced technicians

With several different types of wood, each one requires its own specially formulated stain or sealer.  Whether you have pressure treated lumber, ipe, cedar, or redwood we can 


2. Industry-leading training

Each type of wood requires its own unique preparation.  Pressure washing wood can easily scar the wood or cause it to fur which prevents any protecting coating from adhering to the surface.  


3.  Above and beyond service

When we show up to provide an estimate our goal is to help the homeowner understand why we take certain steps to prepare the surface.  Then inform them of EPA guidelines when working above water and what is and is not allowed.

4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We're not happy until your happy.  With no deposit required we provide thorough before and after photos to showcase how we're able to transform your decking.

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Beware of Roof Cleaners who

  • Using a pressure washer.  This will score the wood and push the dirt deeper

  • Won't explain which type of sealer or paint is being used.  Different woods require a certain product

  • Don't provide proof of insurance.  If something happens you do not want to be liable

Proper way to Seal or Paint a Deck

  • Use a wood cleaning product and brightener

  • Clean with soft wash system and use a brush to scrub the surface

  • Explain the options that are available for your type of wood.

  • Proof of insurance prior to starting the job

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