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Deck Cleaning

When people think of Florida they think of sitting by the water under a palm tree which is why our favorite place in the home is around the pool.  Our screened enclosures make it possible for us to enjoy our outdoor living spaces without bugs, wildlife, or yard debris year-round.  Unfortunately, the shade that's provided by these enclosures is also a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and algae.  With the high humidity of Florida, I'm sure all of our pool enclosures have looked like the one above if it goes just two summers without proper cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning this part of the home we also have to keep in mind that our screened enclosures are also the most fragile part of the house.  What makes this area so difficult to clean is the height of the frame and the soft material of the screen.  Without the proper equipment or training, it is very easy to cause permanent damage to this part of the home.  

I'm sure many of us have invited friends, family, or neighbors over to complete this task only to find they couldn't complete the job over the high arches of the pool or they caused pencils marks by shooting high pressure right through the pool screen.


Our trained technicians take a full-service approach.  We use low-pressure high volume machines that can safely reach three story enclosures from the ground without ladders or climbing.  Our cleaning formulas kill organic growth on contact and prevent future growth.  Most importantly we'll clear the drainage to ensure your house does its job and moves water away from the home.  Without a regular flush of the drain channel water builds up after a rain storm and any dirt that floats up will dry on your deck bringing you right back to square one. 

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