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Tampa Patio and Driveway Painting

Repaint your Patio or Driveway

Have you recently looked at your pool area and realized it needs more than just a cleaning.  The biggest transformation you can make to your painted patio is a fresh coat.  Every 5 to 10 years your patio or driveway will need a new coat of paint to freshen it up and have it look new again.  Over time the older paint may start to chip off or cracks may appear which makes your pool area look neglected.  When you call us we use the highest quality commercial grade paint and are more than happy to provide samples for your choosing.  

1. Licensed and insured with experienced technicians

Our company is fully insured with general liablilty and workers comp.  If the worse were to happen your property is covered and so are our employees.  We have also sent our technicians to the factory where our materials are manufactured to ensure they know the proper way to prep and apply.

2. Industry-leading materials

Our paint is manufactured by Innovative Concrete Technologies.  They have been manufacturing concrete coatings for 30+ years.  There proprietary formula will reflects 80% of the UV rays which extend the life of the painted surface and will cool your painted surface by 15%.

3.  Above and beyond service

When you call us out for a quote we want to make sure your happy with our project for many years to come.  We come prepared with samples of what the color looks like on your surface.  We also leave a color swatch behind and if your debating between a couple colors we'll paint samples on your surface for you to decide.

4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We're confident in the work we do.  When we paint your driveway, patio, or deck we go above and beyond and paint two coats to ensure you'll get 5 to 10 years before you need a repaint.  We don't except a penny until your 100% satisfied.

Schedule your estimate today (813) 528-2119


Beware of Patio Painters who

  • Don't provide samples or explain the type of paint they are using

  • Someone who just plans to paint over your existing service

  • Don't provide proof of insurance.  If something happens you do not want to be liable

Proper way to paint a patio or driveway

  • Pressure wash to remove all old and loose flaking paint

  • Experienced contractors will have left over paint from previous jobs to provide a sample on your surface

  • Proof of insurance prior to starting the job

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