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Cleaning and Sealing

Are you seeing organic growth and weeds starting to appear between your paver joints?  Maybe you recently had pavers installed.  Sealing your pavers is regular maintenance that brings back the original color and stabilizes the joints to prevent any growth or shifting of the stones.


Paver Repair

Have your pavers started to shift or dip?  These can create trip hazards and will only get worse once they have started.  Our technicians will remove the effected pavers and relevel the base to ensure your hardscapes are looking there best


Paver Restoration

Depending on the age of your hardscapes the pavers may need a full restoration.  If you have lost all the color in the stones from UV damage we can revive them with a color stain that will dye your stones to the original color.


What to expect from an estimate

- Digital layout of your project with accurate square footage

- A complete quote with line items explaining each step of the sealing process

- An understanding of the proper maintenance required for your type of hardscape

- Photos depicting actual 

Paver Sealing

These are the most common type of pavers.  They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.  For these types of pavers, it is recommended that you use a water-based sealer.  With water-based sealers, you can choose from three different finishes.  There are options for natural, semi-gloss, and gloss.  When sealing these type of stones.  Most home owners choose a gloss finish.  The difference between them is that the Natural Look will basically be what you have now with a clear urethane coating that will protect the stones from spills, stains, and UV damage.  We generally recommend the Gloss Finish as this does a good job at hiding any imperfections in the stones but also brings out a lot of the darker tones.  The gloss finish isn't overwhelming but you will be able to see all of the light reflecting off of the surface. 


Travertine Sealing

Depending on whom you ask you might get different responses when it comes to sealing travertine.  Unlike pavers, travertine is a natural stone that generally has a lot of pits and is extremely porous which makes it perfect for mold and mildew to grow on.  Some people are concerned with sealing travertine as they heard it could get slippery which is true if you use a water-based sealer.  Our recommendation for travertine is to use a hydrophobic sealer or sometimes called an impregnator.  These types of sealer penetrate the stone and repel water, moisture, and liquids from the inside out.  

River Rock Sealing

Unlike the other two options, this surface is man-made when the deck is installed.  Contractors will use an epoxy resin to lock the tiny pebbles into place then apply a top coat to protect the pebbles from the elements.  Failing to reapply a topcoat every few years will lead to a loss of rock until you reach the bare deck.  These surfaces require a solvent based sealer which are extremely sensitive to moisture.  


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Beware of Sealing Compaines who

  • Ask for a deposit upfront

  • Don't mention the type of sealer they are using. 

  • Don't provide proof of insurance.  If something happens you do not want to be liable

Questions to ask when getting a quote

  • Ensure a water-based sealer is used

  • Ask for reviews and previous jobs that have been completed

  • How sealant is being applied

  • What's being done to prep the surface prior to sealing

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