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 Is your house ready for a bath? 

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Soft Wash

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House Washing in Tampa FL

If you want to increase your homes curb appeal one of the most cost effective options is to give it a wash.  Everyday your home is exposed to the harsh Florida elements and that humidity will lock in moisture, mold, dirt, and grime that builds up to create a dingy appearance.  Nobody wants to own the dirty house on the block which makes this service a necessity when preparing your home for sale.  

If you've never thought about washing your house then it's time to think about why you should have it professionally done.

1. Increase the lifespan of your homes exterior

In Florida stucco is the number one choice for many reasons.  It's extremely durable, energy-efficient, and last upwards of 80 years when properly maintained.  A lot of homeowners will usually spend thousands every 5-8 years to get it repainted when it looks faded.   Really all that's needed is a proper wash every other year to remove all the dust, dirt, and organics which removes the faded look and increases the time between painting.

2. Proper inspection of your home's exterior

Any contractor you ask will recommend inspecting your stucco work on a yearly basis for cracks, holes, and separation.  We're trained to look for this and will bring any damage to your immediate attention.

3.  The right equipment for the job.

When cleaning your home you should never use a powerwasher.  Most of the houses in your neighborhood are painted and this layer acts as a sealant to protect from mold and mildew.  High-pressure washers will erode this protective layer and cause more harm than good.

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