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Have you wondered if you're provide the right care and maintenance for your roof?  All roofing contractors agree that cleaning and maintaining your roof can extend its life.  It’s the most important barrier between your family and the weather. Neglecting your roof can lead to damage or unattractive mold and mildew that turns your roof black. See why Tampa Pro Wash is the right choice for the job or view our blog to learn more about why you should clean your roof.

Roof Wash Process

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Bag Gutters

In order to complete any job successfully there are steps that need to be followed.  These steps were created and fine tuned over the years to ensure our customers expectations were exceeded on every job.  The first step is for a technician to bag all of your exposed gutters.  This will capture any run off and prevent our roof wash from going into your landscaping

Hydrate Landscaping

While one of the technicians are performing the safety checklist the other will start watering your surrounding landscaping.  You can see Joe saturating all the surrounding plants.  This will protect them from any overspray that may get blown over to them during the roof cleaning process.

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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

This is the only way recommended by roofing manufacturers to clean your roof.  This allows us to apply our biodegradable roof wash mix at about 60 psi and reach over 40' in distance.  This low pressure approach allows us to safely clean your roof without having to worry about damaging tiles, shingles, or forcing water where it's not supposed to go.

Why were trusted

1. Licensed and insured with experienced technicians

Cleaning a roof is a lot more than just spraying water or surfactants, and hoping for the best.  During our estimates, we'll identity the organic material that's growing on your roof and explain the best option for your roofing material per the manufacturer.

2. Industry-leading equipment

Never use a power washer on your roof this type of work requires specialized equipment to avoid potential damage.  Our soft wash application uses less pressure than your garden hose to ensure there is zero damage to your tile, metal, or asphalt shingles.

3.  Above and beyond service

When we clean a roof our goal is to make your house shine in the Florida sunlight.  We not only take the time but put in the effort to clean your gutters and flush out downspouts to ensure your roof does its job and moves water away from your home.

4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We're confident in the work we do.  We provide all insurance information in our quotes and provide every home owner with before and after pictures to ensure the job was done right.  View our Roof Cleaning Projects.

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Beware of Roof Cleaners who

  • Use a pressure washer to clean a roof.  You should never use high pressure as this will rapidly degrade asphalt shingles

  • Climb on your roof.  The proper equipment will reach from the ground

  • Don't provide proof of insurance.  If something happens you do not want to be liable

Proper way to clean a roof

  • With a low-pressure soft wash system

  • From the ground or possibly a ladder for tight angles

  • Flush gutters to ensure the roof is moving the water away from home

  • Proof of insurance prior to starting the job

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